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A comprehensive video platform

The company's mission is to foster authentic conversations between brands and consumers. They provide a platform where brands connect with creators to create engaging video content. Brands receive full rights to use these videos on their websites, social media and paid advertising campaigns.


Quick overview: key aspects of our work - discover the essentials of our project


Digital Media, Marketing



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Custom web development, API Integration


Custom web development, Custom platform functionality development

About the client

Understanding our client: specifics, challenges, and custom solutions

The  company produces awesome video advertisements for TikTok and Reels. The client reached out to us, seeking to streamline their video production process, enhance user interface clarity, minimize the time spent exchanging information among all platform users, and improve monitoring of all processes.


The client has encountered several challenges that hinder its efficiency and growth. Excessive time spent on order management is a significant issue, with managers and admins dedicating substantial time to processing and supporting orders. This complexity arises from the intricate nature of the business processes spread across various systems and services. Additionally, slow and non-transparent processes are hindering productivity, as users struggle to comprehend the workflow and subsequent steps. Furthermore, scaling sales, a key objective for the client, proves challenging with the current team size. Despite efforts to achieve this goal, the client faces difficulties due to operational constraints.


Our solution aims to tackle the challenges encountered by the client's business by optimizing the video production process and improving user interaction across various roles. This involves making production more efficient for quicker turnaround times, offering a user-friendly interface, reducing information exchange time, and enabling comprehensive process monitoring. To achieve these goals, we created a custom web service that seamlessly integrates into the client's operations. This service automates order processing, provides cloud-based video storage, ensures transparency in workflows, and offers flexible authorization. With these features in place, our solution empowers the client to overcome obstacles, enhance efficiency, and stimulate growth.

Key features

Project features overview: essential enhancements and strategic solutions

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    Flexible Onboarding

    The platform offers standard registration for users, allowing them to sign up directly, or registration via invites, where new video creators can join through a public link or email invitation, providing a preview of the specific campaign they'll be working on. This feature is particularly useful for the sales team, as it provides a unique demo campaign to effectively showcase the service to potential users.
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    Efficient Workflow Automation

    In addition to different campaign types tailored to various goals, the platform streamlines workflow automation with features such as automatic job post creation, task assignment based on user roles, status changes, and payment creation. This ensures efficient processes for all users involved.
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    Real-time Updates and Payment Management

    Built-in notifications and messaging ensure real-time communication and updates for all users, enhancing collaboration and transparency across the platform. Payment management is transparent and automated, offering flexible options for creators and brands to monitor payment status and account balance.
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    Efficient Video Viewing and Role Management

    The platform provides seamless video viewing and management capabilities, facilitating the uploading, viewing, downloading, and delivery of custom videos tailored for TikTok and Reels advertising campaigns. Multi-user role management ensures that each user, whether they're an admin, manager, brand user, creator, or video editor, has specific permissions and responsibilities, with admins overseeing all processes and functionality.
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    Integrated Campaign Management Suite

    For brand users, our platform offers comprehensive campaign management features, allowing them to create accounts, initiate ad campaigns, specify creative needs, select video concepts, purchase videos, and track campaign activities and payments in real-time. Creators can easily submit campaign-specific concepts, produce videos, edit content, and manage payments within the system, while video editors refine and perfect videos to meet campaign objectives and brand guidelines, collaborating with creators and submitting finalized videos for brands' approval.


Performance Showcase: Unveiling the Results of Our Collaborative Endeavors

The client and creator base expanded significantly without the need to scale the core team. Collaboration with customers improved, leading to enhanced communication and satisfaction. Furthermore, the introduction of new platform features resulted in increased sales and business growth. The platform also has SEO tools and a regular feedback tool from customers, making it faster and easier to enhance the system and ensure it remains reliable and functional for all platform users.

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