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Dog licence management system

According to Government law, dog owners are required to obtain a license and register their dogs with the local parish council. This license must be renewed annually in January. With an estimated 10,000 dogs on the island, roughly 7,500 licenses are issued. The system enables dog owners to conveniently register, pay for, and renew their licenses online.


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United Kingdom

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Business Processes Automation


Custom Web Development

About the client

Understanding our client: specifics, challenges, and custom solutions

If someone becomes a dog owner on the island, they must register for a license by completing an online form and making a payment. This license must be renewed annually and kept up to date throughout the year to accommodate any changes in circumstances, such as if license holders move off the island, if a dog passes away, is rehomed, or if a new dog is acquired. The client approached us with a request to create a system that is user-friendly for both users and staff. This system would allow dog owners to easily request licenses, make payments, renew licenses, and monitor their status.


The current process for managing dog licenses on the island  is outdated and inconvenient for both dog owners and administrative staff. Currently, there is no secure method for accessing license information, no online registration or renewal options, no online payment system, and no effective reminder system for license renewals. Updating the system is necessary to improve accessibility and security for all parties involved.


To meet the client's requirements effectively, we've devised a comprehensive solution comprising several key components. These include:

User-Friendly Informational Website: We'll develop an easy-to-navigate website that provides clear and concise information about dog licensing on the island.

Secure Authentication System with Link Emails: Our solution will feature a robust authentication system using secure link emails. This ensures that only authorized users can access license data, enhancing security.

Online Registration and Renewal Forms: We'll create intuitive online forms for users to conveniently register, renew, or update their dog licenses. This streamlines the application process and improves user experience.

Payment Integration: Our solution will seamlessly integrate with payment systems, allowing users to make secure online payments for license fees. This enhances convenience and efficiency for both users and administrative staff.

Conditional Scheduled Emails: Additionally, our solution will incorporate a feature to send scheduled emails prompting users to renew their licenses. This helps ensure timely renewals and compliance with regulations.

Key features

Project features overview: essential enhancements and strategic solutions

  • feature

    Informative Website and Admin Panel

    The user-friendly website serves as a central hub for dog licensing information.It provides detailed guidance on the licensing process, requirements, fees, and regulations. Users can easily navigate through the website to access various licensing functionalities, such as registration, renewal, and updates.And also there are 3 user roles in the site’s admin panel: user, admin, and “read-only”user for license reviewers.
  • feature

    Email Authentication with Links

    This feature implements a secure authentication system using magic link emails. Users receive unique magic links via email, which grant them authorized access to their license data. The use of magic links enhances security by eliminating the need for traditional password-based authentication.

    Online Registration and Renewal Forms

    Intuitive online forms allow users to register new dogs, renew existing licenses, or update license information. These forms are designed for ease of use, with clear instructions and user-friendly interfaces. Users can conveniently fill out the forms online, reducing paperwork and administrative burden.

  • feature

    Payment Integration

    Integration with the CityPay website enables secure online payments for license fees. Users are seamlessly redirected to the CityPay platform to complete payment transactions. The integration ensures that payment processing is secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.
  • feature

    Confirmation Page and Email

    Upon successful completion of registration or renewal, users are directed to a confirmation page via email. Additionally, users receive a confirmation email containing a PDF copy of their license for their records. These confirmation messages provide users with assurance that their transaction was successful and documentation of their dog license.

    Conditional Scheduled Emails

    Scheduled emails are sent to users based on predefined criteria to remind them to renew their dog licenses. These emails are tailored to each user's renewal status and sent at strategic intervals. By sending timely reminders, this feature ensures that users stay compliant with licensing regulations and avoid penalties for late renewals.


Performance Showcase: Unveiling the Results of Our Collaborative Endeavors

As a result, we developed a comprehensive system with several key benefits for the client. We built a user-friendly website providing easy access to clear information about dog licensing on the island, simplifying the process for users. Our secure authentication ensures that only authorized users can access license data, enhancing overall security. Additionally, we provided convenient forms to streamline the application process, enhancing user experience. Integration of payment methods and an efficient admin panel allows parish admins to easily manage license data, track events, and monitor system performance. Moreover, our solution includes timely reminders to encourage users to renew licenses, ensuring compliance. In summary, our solution optimizes the dog licensing process on the island, effectively meeting the client's needs.

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