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An innovative language learning platform revolutionizing Arabic education. Combining seamless lesson integration, automated scheduling, and user-friendly interfaces, this service inspires teachers and students around the world.

Embark on a journey of cultural exploration and language learning – welcome to the future of online language learning.



Quick overview: key aspects of our work - discover the essentials of our project





Solution type

Custom web solution, Online planner, Promo website


Custom web development, API integrations, Payment integration

About the client

Understanding our client: specifics, challenges, and custom solutions

The client is a pioneer in online education, specializing in Arabic language instruction. With a global reach, they offer innovative web services empowering students to master Arabic effectively.

The company is distinguished by its commitment to delivering a holistic educational experience, covering linguistic proficiency, cultural understanding, and exposure to Arabic civilization.


The client faced challenges in coordinating teacher schedules, planning lessons, and managing student payments. Additionally, there was a need for effective online course promotion strategies.


We developed a bespoke web service featuring Google Calendars integration, a secure payment gateway, and a robust admin panel.

This includes advanced functionalities for teacher management, service configuration, and content management, providing a comprehensive solution to our client's challenges.

Key features

Project features overview: essential enhancements and strategic solutions

  • feature

    Efficient scheduling solution

    Seamless scheduling with Google Calendar integration provides real-time display and efficient management of teacher availability, ensuring optimal lesson planning and use of site resources.

  • feature

    Flexible lesson management

    Optimization of the learning process is achieved through online lesson booking and rescheduling functions. 

    This enables students to conveniently manage their schedules, enhancing the overall accessibility and adaptability of the language learning process.

  • feature

    Comprehensive student profiles

    The student profile feature of the web service provides students with a personalized space to track progress, access learning materials, and receive individual recommendations.

    It improves the overall learning experience by offering a user-centric approach, promoting engagement and continuous improvement.

  • feature

    Automated subscription management

    A hassle-free subscription management with online payment options and auto-renewal ensures a seamless and uninterrupted learning experience for students.

    This convenient feature enhances financial predictability and simplifies the enrollment process, contributing to a user-friendly platform.

  • feature

    Charming user interface

    A charming design creates an inviting and delightful user experience.

    The cute and intuitive interface enhances engagement, making the language learning journey visually appealing and enjoyable for users of all ages.

  • feature

    Integrated Arabic blog

    Ability to explore rich content with an integrated blog that offers a variety of articles and resources in Arabic.

    Immerse yourself in the language and culture, enhancing your learning journey outside of the traditional classroom.

  • feature

    Effective SEO promotion

    Reliable SEO tools for effective online promotion provide an opportunity to increase visibility, attract new students, and maximize the reach of Arabic courses through strategic and effective digital marketing.


Performance Showcase: Unveiling the Results of Our Collaborative Endeavors

Our customized web solution resulted in a significant increase in our client's income, achieved through the expansion of both teacher and student numbers. The automation of the lesson planning process brought clarity to teachers, students, and managers, fostering efficiency. Additional features such as rescheduling and cancellation options further enhanced the user experience.

Stability and predictability in income were achieved through flexible subscriptions with auto-renewal capabilities. This not only improved financial foresight but also reduced management costs for handling teachers. Notably, there was a consistent rise in new student enrollment from search engines, particularly Google, facilitated by powerful SEO tools and content marketing strategies.

  • Increased income from students
  • Reduced teacher management costs
  • Improved service income prediction
  • Unlocked significant potential for content marketing and SEO.

Customer review

Real Stories of Satisfaction and Success

"Our experience with Olena and the team from WebMagic was absolutely perfect. Everything was done to the highest technical standard, with great attention to detail and professionalism. We recommend her and her team without hesitation."

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