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Engagement management systems data synchronization

The powerful web solution for synchronizing a massive amount of information from 2 systems enriched with additional features.

Notably, it offers synchronization by time or trigger, ensuring seamless data integration. Users can effortlessly add new projects, with automatic synchronization across all. Enhanced with flexible settings, this tool prioritizes user comfort and efficiency.



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Business Processes Automation


Custom web development, API development, API integration

About the client

Understanding our client: specifics, challenges, and custom solutions

The client is a pioneer in digital engagement solutions, revolutionizing how communities interact with future projects.

With a global footprint, they specialize in crafting immersive 3D models, virtual engagement rooms, interactive maps, and cutting-edge video productions.


The client has a large amount of data spread across various engagement management systems. This situation has made it impossible to conduct effective data analysis.

Additionally, the systems store many similar records that require consolidation and synchronization.


We developed an efficient standalone service for records consolidation and synchronization, seamlessly integrating with various systems.

It employs flexible and intelligent logic for data synchronization, ensuring smooth integration and conflict resolution.

Key features

Project features overview: essential enhancements and strategic solutions

  • feature

    Integration with more than 10 systems

    Seamlessly integrates with more than 10 systems, optimizing data flow and improving operational efficiency.

  • feature

    New integrations manual adding and tuning

    Easily add and configure new integrations manually, offering users greater flexibility and customization.
  • feature

    Effective synchronization

    Seamlessly switch between automatic synchronization for convenience and manual synchronization options for precise control, ensuring data integrity and flexibility.

  • feature

    Intelligent collision resolving

    Intelligent collision resolution ensures seamless data integration by automatically identifying and resolving conflicts, minimizing disruptions, and enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • feature

    Detailed logging

    Detailed logging provides comprehensive insights into system activities, offering transparency, accountability, and the ability to track and analyze user actions and system events effectively.

    This feature enhances troubleshooting, audit trails, and overall system performance.

  • feature

    Build-in notification system

    The built-in notification system ensures seamless communication by alerting users about important updates, events, or changes in real time.

    This feature enhances collaboration, increases productivity, and keeps users informed and engaged, ultimately improving overall workflow efficiency and effectiveness.


Performance Showcase: Unveiling the Results of Our Collaborative Endeavors

The client resolved their most significant issue with scattered data. They acquired an effective system that consolidates and synchronizes data across all their systems. As a result, they received positive feedback from government structures and scaled up their contracts.

  • Consolidated records from over 10 systems
  • Automated data synchronization across multiple systems
  • Significantly improved efficiency in engagement management
  • Expanded contracts following positive feedback

Customer review

Real Stories of Satisfaction and Success

“I am impressed by the professionalism of the WebMagic agency. Working with this team has completely changed the way I think about the development process, and I can't stop recommending them to anyone looking for amazing digital solutions."

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