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Transport Management System

An innovative web-based Transportation Management System that revolutionizes shipping and logistics for businesses. Integrating seamlessly with platforms like Shopify, it offers streamlined label generation, real-time tracking, and access to multiple carriers.



Quick overview: key aspects of our work - discover the essentials of our project


Warehouse management, Logistic, 3PL


Warehouse management, Logistic, 3PL

Solution type

API integration, API building, Business processes automation


Building web service from scratch

About the client

Understanding our client: specifics, challenges, and custom solutions

This company specializes in providing comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment and logistics solutions. Their expertise encompasses warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, distribution, and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms. They boast a large-scale operation with extensive warehouse capacity, leveraging state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Their services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of both B2B and B2C sectors, focusing on high-volume distribution and customizable logistic solutions. This client's commitment to excellence and adaptability in the fast-paced world of e-commerce logistics marks them as a key player in the industry.


The client needed to modernize their shipping process, seeking efficiency, cost reduction, and seamless e-commerce integration.


We crafted a cutting-edge Transportation Management System, streamlining logistics for the client. The solution integrates seamlessly with Shopify, offering cost-effective shipping, discounted rates, and efficient order processing, addressing outdated systems and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Key features

Project features overview: essential enhancements and strategic solutions

  • feature


    Flexible shipment creation and management:

    - Quickly and easily generate shipments

    - Automatically track shipment statuses

    Flexible parcel management with the possibility of international shipment:

    - Collect items in parcels

    - Add information for local and international shipments

  • feature


    Full functional and order management

    One or more shipments in one order

    Two-way synchronization with e-commerce platforms

  • feature

    Extra features for carriers

    Automatic and manual generation and printing of detailed shipping manifests

    Easily submit a pick-up request, reducing the time and effort required to schedule a deliver

  • feature


    Automatic credit card charging Mutual settlements based on invoices

    Automatic invoice generation settings

    Flexible carriers-specific reconciliation process

  • feature

    Label generation

    Manual or automatic label generation and printing

    Automatic shipment status tracking

    One-click label voiding

    Manual or automatic label printing on standard or Zebra printers.

  • feature

    Powerful built-in API

    Flexible and powerful API for client system integration

    All service functions available via built-in API

    Flexible API access management


Performance Showcase: Unveiling the Results of Our Collaborative Endeavors

Our client's shipping process was transformed with a new, modern Transportation Management System software that streamlined logistics operations.

Additionally, the client began acquiring new customers by offering the TMS service as a SaaS solution. This opened up new opportunities for growing his business that were not available before the TMS was built.

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Increased internal system and process stability and flexibility
  • Additional profit from selling TMS as SAAS
  • Added massive potential for future growing

Customer review

Real Stories of Satisfaction and Success

“WebMagic is one of the most professional agencies we have ever partnered with. Yevhen and the team all speak perfect English, they approach every contract seriously and with very high technical standards.”

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