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Video Conference Tool

An innovative platform that simplifies the creation and execution of online interviews, catering to both individual and group scenarios.

With an outstanding feature of high-quality video recording, we ensure the preservation of valuable interview artifacts.

This web service not only streamlines interviews but also enhances their quality and impact, setting a new standard in the field of online recruitment processes.



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Solution type

Business Process Automation


Custom web deveopment

About the client

Understanding our client: specifics, challenges, and custom solutions

The company specializes in selecting and conducting remote interviews for top-level positions.

By meticulously recording each interview, they provide invaluable artifacts, giving clients complete information to make informed business decisions.

Distinguished by their commitment to excellence and personalized service, they ensure a smooth and efficient process for finding top-level talent.


The company faced challenges with existing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, lacking the capability to consistently record high-quality videos due to connection fluctuations.

The complexity of assigning various roles during interview calls, such as interviewer, interviewee, and guest, added further complications.

Additionally, storing videos in disparate locations created difficulties in seamless distribution among all involved parties.


We've developed a revolutionary solution for conducting video interviews. It enhances interviews through high-quality video recording, efficient encoding formats, and seamless cloud storage.

Our service offers unparalleled features for advanced video interviewing.

Key features

Project features overview: essential enhancements and strategic solutions

  • feature

    Fully customized video chat

    Ability to seamlessly conduct multi-user video calls with 2 to 20 participants, each assigned different roles.

    The service prioritizes mainstream users, ensuring that interviewers and respondents are spotlighted.

    Built on advanced WebRTC technology, it delivers a modern and reliable video-calling experience.

  • feature

    Rich controls for moderators

    Empower your calls with versatile controls: start/stop/pause, record, and upload.

    Our service enables remote control of users' configurations and device selection.

    Enjoy full moderation control over user access and activity, ensuring a seamless and secure calling experience.

  • feature

    Live chatting

    Seamless communication with our service: users can send messages in a common chat room or privately.

    Enjoy real-time message delivery without delays, fostering a dynamic and immediate exchange for enhanced collaboration and connectivity.

  • feature

    Video recording processing

    Instant access to raw files post-call, automatic initiation of video file encoding, and comprehensive availability of interview records in both the admin panel and user interface.

    Our service ensures efficient management and retrieval of interview data for streamlined processes.

  • feature

    Built-in admin panel

    The built-in admin panel streamlines interview processes with unique login links, ensuring fast access for interviewees.

    It facilitates user management, invitations, and interview planning, and provides access to finished interview files, enhancing efficiency in recruitment and talent acquisition.


Performance Showcase: Unveiling the Results of Our Collaborative Endeavors

The client achieved a significant boost in loyalty by delivering interview records of exceptional quality. Interviewees express satisfaction as their presentations now appear flawless, enhancing their overall experience.

This success has propelled the client's service to new heights, marking a notable advancement to the next level of excellence.

Customer review

Real Stories of Satisfaction and Success

"Working with Yevhen and WebMagic is a dream. He and his team are very skilled, experienced professionals who have high-level communication and organizational skills. Their technical knowledge is very high, everyone I work with there is fluent in English, and they all have great personalities and work ethics."

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